Are There Healthy Hair Growth Tips That Work

People of all time periods and nationalities have worried about their hair. Called the crowning glory of women and taken as a sign of virility in men, hair is one of our most precious adornments. Healthy hair growth tips have probably been around for most of human history and go in and out of fashion.

For example, it used to be a custom for women to brush their hair one hundred strokes a night. This may have been beneficial when shampooing was a rare occurrence, but today experts do not advise long sessions with the brush. Now that daily washes are common, shampoos and conditioners claim to moisturize, thicken, protect, and nourish hair.

That is why following established dietary and lifestyle rules for good health will benefit your hair along with the rest of you. Diets that have a generous amount of complete proteins, depend on good sources for undamaged and beneficial fats (extra virgin olive oil for internal and cosmetic use), are low in refined carbohydrates and get the majority of these from vegetables, and include the recommended eight to ten glasses of pure water a day will promote total body health.

There are scientific grounds for supporting total body health with a good diet, regular exercise, the recommended amount of water daily, and getting enough protein. Your hair is made of protein, so a lack of it or of the nutrients needed for your body to digest and absorb it properly will cause hair to be limp, dull, sparse, and perhaps quick to fall out. An under-active thyroid gland is one condition that has a marked effect on the appearance of the hair.

Nourishing the glandular system, especially the thyroid gland, is important for radiant skin and strong, shiny hair. Glands produce hormones, which can be depleted by stress, an inadequate diet, over-stimulation by caffeine or pep-up aids, and illness. Pregnancy, with its hormonal swings, can also the hair. A good diet is the basis for holistic health, but herbs ( which are merely vitamin and mineral rich plants) can be used in teas or pill form to provide dense nutrition. Dandelion root and nettle root and leaves are noted for this effect.

Check various health websites to get an idea of just how much protein you need and the best kinds of food to eat. Not all of the protein we consume is used by our bodies. For instance, those allergic to milk products may love cheese, but their digestive and immune system may treat the food like an allergen and a toxin. The blood type diet has a lot of information about the most suitable food for each group of the population. Although it may be irksome to follow the diet’s recommendations on an every day basis, in times of improving your health the tenets may be good to know.

Testimonials about the positive effects of drinking Kombucha tea and taking MSM in powder form are plentiful, while green tea and many herbal teas are said to be good for both consumption and external use on hair. Apple cider vinegar, as a source of minerals and pH balance, is good to take in water and to use as a rinse on newly washed hair to remove soap residue and strengthen the hair shaft. Follicles are said to respond to a warm oil treatment using extra virgin olive oil.

Other healthy hair growth tips could fill a big volume. Look online for believable claims, not the miracle hair growth promises. Hair grows about six inches a year normally, so don’t expect overnight improvement.

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