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How to Live Longer and Healthier: Top 5 Tips for Seniors

You want to live longer? Here are five proven ways to enjoy your senior years. 1. Choosing what you eat: the Japanese have a very simple way to ensure that every meal is as nutritious as possible: ensure that the food on your plate comes in five colors. This is like saying always include fruits [...] Read more
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Do You Want To Lose Lose Weight And Live A Healthier Lifestyle?

Well if you do, then chances are you have been looking both on and offline for resources in order to get started. Frankly, I would suggest you use all your energy looking online. Why? Because chances are your odds are a lot better to finding the perfect product. There are millions of sites online that [...] Read more

Make the most of the Stone Age Diet to live a happy, healthy and disease free life

It is common knowledge that you are what you eat. This means that if you eat healthy food, you are likely to be a healthy person and if you eat food that is far from healthy, you are likely to be unhealthy. If you are hoping to put your body out of harm’s way in [...] Read more
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Green Tea Extract Can Allow You To Live A Healthier And Longer Life

If you ask anyone in China, they have been utilizing green tea extract for an elongated period of time. However this unique extract didn’t make its appearance in what is known as the western countries until a few decades ago. And, many people are just finally beginning to realize the underlying benefits of the extract. [...] Read more

Diet Rules To Live By

1. Drink A Lot of Water Water is a key element to any diets success. It will keep your hunger in check and drinking ice water will actually burn calories. 2. Remove Temptation Snack food is great, but not if you are on a diet. Get it out of your house to remove temptation. Also [...] Read more
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Diet Cleanse to Live a Healthy Way: Here is How

Once I came across a mother who would not allow her toddler to eat anything as long as the little boy does not finish his potty in the morning. Well, it is an extreme form of health consciousness. But it seems some way or the other the young mother was not absolutely incorrect. It is [...] Read more
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