Trekking in the Woods

The general perception of people is that trekking is very tough. But it’s not always true. Trekking is something which can be done easily by everyone. The only thing to be considered is that you should start with stress-free treks. Keep on increasing difficulty levels as you start gaining fitness.

If you are planning for a trek for the first time you cannot opt for a difficult trek. You can experience a major boost in your confidence levels only if you explore easy to moderate and then moderate to difficult terrains.

To avoid over exertion and getting tired on the trek you should always drink water on the way. Small quantity of water after frequent intervals will boost your energy levels and thus keep you hydrated. Eating fruits or light snacks on the way would keep you energetic and fresh. These are some methods by which you can keep your body relaxed and energetic. Whatever may be the season, monsoon, summer or winter, proper intake of water and food on the way can help you complete your trek successfully.

Trekking is an activity which can help you to make new friends and socialize yourself. Apart from learning the art it creates a bonding among the group. It would also help you to take lessons on how to complete your own tasks and take up some responsibilities of the group on your shoulders during the expedition. Needless to say the impact of trekking on us is amazing.

Again trekking has some health paybacks. It helps you strengthen your body muscles. It is a good exercise to build up your strength which is beneficial in the long run. During the entire trek you carry heavy back on your shoulders on uneven terrain which strengthens your legs, thighs and calves.

Trekking also helps to increase your physical and mental stamina. It is a kind of cardio workout where you walk continuously for at least 5 to 10 kilometers which helps to burn calories. Burning calories keeps you fit. How much calories do you burn on a trek depends upon three main factors, altitude of the trek, weight of the backpack and trekking distance and speed. Trekking on a tough route can help you burn more calories than trekking on an easy route.

A trek will also help you to go away from the pollution of the cities. When you trek, your brain receives maximum amount of fresh air which improves its functioning. It makes you feel happy and eradicates negativity from the brain. It helps you live in the moment of happiness.

It will always keep you away from all kinds of diseases. Trekking is considered as the best physical workout. Frequent treks will help you to cure various diseases like high blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol, low bone density and many more.

I hope the above suggestions will be helpful for you. Keep fit, keep on practicing and enjoy your trek. I hope you would love this adventure and the suggestions given in this article would help you to inspire for your first trek.

If you are planning something adventurous this year then there can be nothing better than a trek to the beautiful scenic place surrounded with huge mountains, deep valleys and the gorgeous waterfalls. The mesmerizing forests and the lashing greenery will attract you towards the beautiful nature. When you need a break from your routine, away from the traffic and the noise, trek would prove to be a very good option to refresh yourself.

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